Whizroots is a media production company bringing designers, artists, photographers, musicians, filmmakers and writers under one roof. They approached us for an illustration for their website which would exhibit their interests and hobbies. We visualised an island, floating in mid-air, a hub for all creative explorations, set in a surreal landscape with objects half-hidden, buried and held together by aerial roots.

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At whizroots, we believe that what’s unseen makes all
the differences. We strive to give the push that
nurtures, nutrifies and protect your dreams, making
them one step closer to reality.


Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life said
“Confucius”. We take that as our gospel, we do what we love and we love a
whole lot of things which would be too long to list out. So we merge
everything together just like an artist does when he creates magic with
colours on a canvas. Like how he merges colours with strokes of his brush,
we bring people together. Filmmakers, Writers, Photographers, Designers, Musicians,
Artists and lot more are all under the same roof. Bringing all
these people and their minds together we strive out to make a masterpiece
on our canvas which is the world.

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