For the Sankara School rebranding, photographs would be vital in the website. The photographs were taken to showcase the facilities. The cultural day is a main event of the school and was usually a 90-min play adaptation of one of the ancient literature. These offered a glimpse of a student’s upbringing and the values instilled in the school.

The website was designed keeping in mind all the stakeholders. Addressing the main pain point of the parent who are looking for a school for their toddler, a student’s journey

information architecture

ssvk-website-information architecture

Wire Frame

Altogether, we worked on 6 modules for the project: homepage, explore services, audience-based search, channel navigation, dashboard, facing pages & other components of primary navigation

ssvk-website-information architecture


The responsive website design ensures a consistent customer experience across all the device.

Color palette

from Kindergarten to higher secondary school was showcased. And in each phase of life, the learning and support the school offers were highlighted. The school wanted to replicate the Student’s corner (a soft board which displayed student’s art and essays) in the website as well and continue the tradition even when there were no physical classes during the pandemic.

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