About The Project

Manasum is for the young at heart, in the golden years of their life, to relax and live life to the fullest. Their flagship project ‘Avighna’ is now a thriving community of seniors celebrating life in a safe, comfortable & cosy space. After the success of this project, Manasum was ready to grow the community and touch more lives. As they started this ambitious journey, they realised they needed a strong branding to reflect their core philosophy.


Premium Retirement Home, Hospitality


Branding, Brand Standardization

The butterfly is symbolic of hope and new beginnings.

Butterflies are also associated with joy and freedom which encapsulates the brand values of Manasum. The logo icon is carefully constructed using circles and lines to align the design with standard proportions.

The old logo for Manasum depicted imagery of different stages of a leaf to convey growth and maturity. This is taken as an inspiration for the new logo and the butterfly is depicted in a similar fashion to uphold the visual recognition for the brand with new brand values that they have grown to align to.

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