Little Flower Farms is an Eco-Restoration and Conservation initiative, in Vagamon. Tucked away amidst rolling hills and tea plantations, Little Flower Farms is a biodiversity farm that has taken shape with a diverse native and handpicked exotic plants. This farm landscape is an economically and ecologically sustainable venture, which grows their own vegetables, fruits, and spices organically, harvests rainwater, is a zero-waste campus that can be considered as a role model for the community.

Our journey to this paradise was to create an expression that encapsulates the true potential of this biodiversity farm and to stage it before other naturalists. Each day of the stay there, enabled us to seize different moods and colors of this multifaceted land, which paved the way to create the Identity and Experience design of the space. The time spent here has extended us a chance to capture beautiful photographs which acted as the window through which, distant audience could get a glimpse of breathtaking landscape and the feel of tranquil terrain.

Identity Design

Meeting Mrs.Kochuthresia Thomas was a pleasure to the heart and joy to the soul. A botany professor by profession, it is her hands that groomed the farm as it is today. " Years spent in understanding the landscape and adapting to what finally grows here", as her son Thoma says. Her patron saint is Therese of Lisieux more often known as Little Flower, who loved nature, and often used the imagery of nature to explain how the Divine Presence is everywhere, and how everything is connected in God's loving care and arms. Therese saw herself as "the Little Flower of Jesus" because she was just like the simple wild flowers in forests and fields, unnoticed by the greater population, yet growing and giving glory to God. Therese did not see herself as a brilliant rose or an elegant lily, by simply as a small wildflower.

Just like her, Melastoma is a wild flowering plant in the family Melastomataceae. This plant is widely distributed across the farmland and the irresistible aesthetic value of this little bright purple flower makes it stand out from among the 3500 other species in the biodiverse farm. We have identified its captivating and prominent presence, making it the perfect choice for developing the brand identity of the farm.

Brand Color

Life is all about exploring, experiencing and evolving consciously. Each place holds many untold stories, conjures different feelings and creates different experiences. Little flower farms can also vouch for the same. Within the farm itself, each nook and corner has its own unique ambience and distinct identity, capable of evoking varied emotions. But understanding these nuances of the space, identifying its potential, segregating areas and naming them was a challenging accomplishment.

തമ്പ് -അകം ; camping inside !

Eversince the time humans were nomads, they had the natural instinct to find the most apt place for raising tabernacles under the night sky to rest their head for a perfect sleep. Hunters, warriors, explorers, travelers, pilgrims ... all of them had followed this. In Malayalam this night camping is known as തമ്പടിക്കൽ (Thambadikkal). The perfect spot in the farm to pitch in your tent, is hence named‘Thambakam’.

അരങ്ങ് ; stage noun [C] (THEATRE)

This is the best viewpoint of the farm from where you can witness the wonders of nature. You can just be there like a spectator watching performance of an artist playing his best role. Here artist is the ultimate yet most humble nature itself. Mystical clouds, seasonal mist, tropical rains, thunderstorms, rainbows, birds, valleys, western ghats, stars, moon, sun all playing their parts wonderfully. ’Arangu’ in Malayalam means the area in a theatre that is often raised above ground level and on which actors or entertainers perform.


Certain places on our mother earth act as a swirling centre of energy, containing more earthly energy than a commonplace would. The energy vortex of Little flower farm is this semi-outdoor wooden deck overlooking the deep valleys and high mountains. This is where your spirit gets enlightened and the creative spark within you is unleashed, opening you to the endless possibilities of your self. There is no better name than ‘Thattakam’ to this space. 'Thattakam' in Malayalam refers to a place where you have a stronghold.


A change from daily life within brick walls under concrete roofs, Little flower farm offers tenting facility. This experience is named ' Maadam ' ( മാടം) in Malayalam which translates to 'hut' in English.


This is the most happening and jovial space in the farm. It is an open space facilitated for small gatherings, events, performances, music jam sessions, bonfires etc. This space is named 'Kalari' (കളരി) in Malayalam. Kalari literally means a traditional martial arts training space but it holds a subtle meaning as an activity area.


This is a patio where people gather to dine and socialise and it is here the fresh harvest are brought in, sorted and stored or dried to be pickled. This place looks like an abode of an ascetic and hence named ‘Parnashaala’ (പർണശാല) which means small ashram(hermitage) made out of leaves.


Often a busy and monotonous life creates a stagnant state of mind. Along the edges of this farm, there flows a brook that cuts through the rocks where you can sit and listen to the music of the stream. This is the perfect place to relax and let go of your stress. This spot is named ‘Aruvi’(അരുവി) which means brook.

Be like the flowing river,
Silent in the night.
Be not afraid of the dark.
If there are stars in the sky, reflect them back.
If there are clouds in the sky,
Remember, clouds, like the river, are water.
So, gladly reflect them too,
In your own tranquil depths
— Paulo Coelho, Like The Flowing River


Water is the elixir of life and it is purest at its source. ‘Poyka’ is the source of water from which the farm is nurtured and lives on it is caressed. Take a dip in this crystal clear water to attain Nirvana. A place to cleanse and start anew. This water body is ‘Poyka’(പൊയ്ക) which means a small pond in Malayalam.ആരാമം


Little flower farm’s garden is not just a delight to the eyes and solace to the soul but also is splendid with organic herbs, fruits and veggies. We couldn’t think of a better name than ‘Aaramam’(ആരാമം) which in Malayalam means a garden/a place to rest.

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